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Buying a House in Eindhoven

Interested in buying a house or appartment? Let us help you!

Huibers Real Estate Agency is located in the centre of Eindhoven since 1972. We are located at  Sint Jorislaan 134 A next to the Joriskerk.


Eindhoven City - North Brabants

Eindhoven city consists of seven different districts divided into ninetheen neighborhoods. With almost 225.000 inhabitants and 169 nationalities the city of Eindhoven ranks in the top ten largest cities in the Netherlands.

Characteristic of Eindhoven is the great knowledge when it comes to technology and innovation. Trough ist own Technical University and major companies such as Philips, DAF and ASML, Eindhoven is one of the most prominent high-tech region of Brainport Industries (more info http://www.brainport.nl/en)

Our services

Huibers Real Estate Agency is one of the oldest agencies in Eindhoven and specialized in the housing market of Eindhoven and its region.

Our team of 4 brokers is available 24/7. They can provide you with some good advice, help you in the search for a suitable property or do the price negotiation for you.

Call us for more information 040 2 444 770 or e-mail us info@huibers.nl


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